Locked inside a lonely life

That I didn’t want to live

A misfit and a rebel child

I was restless in my skin

Always searching for the substance

That could bring me some relief

But now that’s over

Cuz I’m sober

And clean

With a little bit of patience

Forgiveness heals to the pain

I’ll keep working on the wreckage

The resentment and the shame

It’s progress not perfection

On this road that sets us free

The worst is over

Cuz I’m sober

And clean

I’m no angel

I’m no saint

But I’m willing to go to any lengths

I’m living out these promises I so clearly see

When I change my world will change with me


There are no broken people

There’s only broken hearts

When I learned to feel the feelings

My world didn’t fall apart

Now I fill my soul with substance

And I’m humbled to my knees

He watches over

Keeps me sober

And clean

He watches over

Keeps us sober

And clean


Elizabeth Edwards 2011 © All Rights Reserved